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Taste the World at The Fountains

From traditional Middle Eastern favourites to vibrant North Indian and wholesome American flavours, The Fountains is offering the guests the opportunity to enjoy an array of international cuisines from around the world.

Cuisines Where? Why Come?
Middle Eastern Al Fanar Restaurant & Café Al Fanar offers a true Emirati-themed fine dining experience. The menu includes traditional treats including a selection of breakfast options, main dishes such as grilled and fried meats and fish, stew, rice dishes and kebabs followed by Arabic drinks and sweets.
Turkish Bosporus Bosporus passionately brings Turkish dishes to life, through an array of carefully curated and skilfully prepared dishes, bursting with authentic aromas and flavours, all inspired by centuries of Ottoman cuisine. Every dish, every detail is a symbol of pride, and is cooked to perfection.
Indian Peppermill Peppermill is a casual dining restaurant offering Indian cuisine with inventive recipes and alluring flavours to stimulate the palate and gratify the senses. At Peppermill, we redefine the notion that Indian haute cuisine can only be created using age old recipes and ideas.
North Indian Rasoi Ghar Inspired by Rajasthani dining traditions, this contemporary Northern Indian vegetarian restaurant welcomes guests with comforting and enjoyable aromas. Guests who dine at Rasoi Ghar can enjoy daily specials and traditional favourites, all prepared with love.
American Rainforest Café Recreating the sights and sounds of the Amazon rainforest, Rainforest Café is an exotic dining experience. Enjoy great food and drinks surrounded by a unique jungle setting, brought to life with the help of stunning special effects.